Run/Walk for Aidan - 2008

Once again, Michelle Weertman, Beth Mueller, and their families organized and ran the annual Run/Walk for Aidan. It was a wonderful day!

You could tell by this year's t-shirt (See below.) that one of Aidan's current interests is dinosaurs. Check back in October to see how to purchase your own dinosaur shirt while raising money for Charley's Fund.

Editors note: My favorite story of the race is yet another "Aidan story."

Aidan was standing next to Mindy was talking to Robin Dixon, an ex-Newport runner as they were catching up on the past year. Aidan, who doesn't like to be excluded from conversations, interrupted. He said to Robin, "Excuse me, but what did you say your husband does?"

    Special Thanks to:
  • Michelle and Beth!
  • The great volunteer crew: Rusty and Abby Adams-Moore, Renia Jeffers, Stefanie Terasaki, Renee Weertman, Peter Weertman, Muntaha Saad,
    Mark Plunkett, Gail Choi, Angie Modelski, and Rod Terasaki.
  • John Hill,Ty Whitten, and Caryn Heffernan for their course and race expertise.
  • Sponsors: Super Jock n Jill, Talking Rain, Factoria Starbucks, and
    Great Harvest Bakery.
  • Renee Weertman and Janette Plunkett for organizing and running
    the bake sale.
  • All other volunteers, observers, and participants who made this such
    a great day.

More pictures.