Run/Walk for Aidan - 2010

Worrisome weather watchers wondered if this year's Run/Walk might be the first in the rain. But our worries proved wrong and it was a wonderful day for a wun.

Thanks to all the volunteers, runners, walkers, and watchers who made this day such a success.

First Aid Tent Peter & Helpers

Pre-Race Prep Setup

Special thanks go to the Newport High School Basketball team who, under the "encouragement" of Coach Dave Olzendam, ran farther at one time than they usually do.

Newport's Team Newport's Team
Basketball Runners Basketball Runners

And special thanks to our friend, Daniel Epting, the "Darius Goes West" RV driver helped out at Aidan's Run before going to Hood Canal to counsel at an MD camp.

Meeting Daniel Daniel and Friends
Daniel & Papa John Daniel & Grandma Judy

Thanks also to local area sponsors who always help, even in these tough economic times. Show your support by shopping at their stores.

Starbuck's in Factoria Super Jock 'N Jill

Great Harvest Bread in Factoria Top Foods in Crossroads

This year's run raised over $4000 for the Aidan William Leffler trust fund. Monies raised for this trust have been used for Aidan's medicines and supplements, making a bike electric, and purchasing an electric scooter, among other things.

If Aidan gets into a clinical trial that's scheduled to be held in Colombus, Ohio later this year, the trust will cover expenses related to the trial. Keep your fingers crossed that he gets into the trial.

Special thanks to Renée & André Weertman who designed the T-shirts in Aidan’s favorite theme this year (reptiles) and Tom Danielsen (SHS Graphics Class teacher) who printed them at his shop.

This Year's Tee Back of Tee


  Graham & Stick
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