Run/Walk for Aidan - 2011

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The organizational torch was passsed this year from one generation to another. Natty Plunkett, with Steffi Terasaki, Renee Weertman, and Emily Meyer, organized and ran the 2011 Run/Walk for Aidan. (The stalwart - Michelle, Peter, Beth, Rod, Abby, John, Ty, Caryn, Alice, and many, many others were yet again present, very supportive and hard-working!)

Special thanks to Renée Weertman who designed the T-shirts in Aidan’s favorite theme this year (cats) and Tom Danielsen (SHS Graphics Class teacher) who printed them at his shop.

Thank you all - organizers, volunteers, runners, walkers, and watchers for making this day so special!

Registering & Chatting Catching Up

Stalwarts! Capturing the Day

Thanks also to local area sponsors who always help, even in these tough economic times. Show your support by shopping at their stores: Footzone, Great Harvest, Starbucks, Super Jock 'N Jill, and Top Foods.

Bake Sale Snacks for Graham Shea

The statement on the back of the shirt "run to honor those who can't" was more poignant this year because of the young runners, several who ran with a parent.

Duo Bill & Liam

Since this editor "walked the walk," and watched over small Lefflers, there aren't as many pictures this year. If you took different photos from the ones displayed here, send them to Judy and she'll put them up.

Award Ceremony Awards

Award Ceremony Awards

Award Ceremony Awards

Award Ceremony Awards

This year's run raised over $3400 for the Aidan Leffler trust fund. Monies raised for this trust are used for Aidan's medicines and supplements, making a bike electric, and purchasing an electric scooter.

While Aidan didn't get into the Colombus, Ohio trial, there are other potential trials coming up. The trust will cover expenses related to a trial if/when he gets in.


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