Run/Walk for Aidan - 2014

After many years of gorgeous weather, we finally had some rain for this year's event. While it was annoying for those of us who didn't run or walk, it was probably perfect for the stalwart athletes. And it didn't put a damper on the festivities at all. This year's event raised over $6300 for Aidan's trust.

Your amazing support has done so much for Aidan and his family over the years. It helped pay for a lift to enable Aidan to go up and down stairs, and for so many other things. And because Aidan broke his leg the day after this year's event, it's helped pay for equipment, doctors, and therapies to help get him back on his feet. Read more about Aidan and his broken leg.

Thanks again to Natty Plunkett (from Albuquerque) and her team of amazing supporters for organizing this year's "Run-Walk for Aidan." Lefflers & Schneiders again say a huge, "Thank you!".

We hope you enjoy the photos from this year's event.
Note: Photos by Peter Weertman and Judy Schneider (Click on each photo to see a larger view.)

Before the Race Kids & Spectators

Ladies' Race Ladies' Race

Guys' Race Guys' Race

Walkers Awards


  2014 Run-Walk
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