Run/Walk for Aidan - 2015

The early setup for the run was done in heavy rain, ironic since we had such a hot summer. But true to the luck of the "Run-Walk," the sun came out for the actual events. However, during this incredibly windy day, a powerful gust came up and tossed the canopies in the air. Crazy!

This year's event was very well tended and raised over $5600 for Aidan's trust. As Mindy told the supporters during the awards ceremony, it wouldn't have been possible for her to take the kids to Boston in November to get Aidan started on the Etiplersen clinical trial. (And that's not all that the trust helps with - supplements, treatments, doctor appointments, and more!!!

Thanks to this year's sponsors:

Thanks again to Natty Plunkett (from Albuquerque) and her team of amazing supporters for organizing this year's "Run-Walk for Aidan." Lefflers & Schneiders again say a huge, "Thank you" to all who support this event.

Setting Up Signing Up Pre-Race Chat

Men's Race Ladies' Race Awards

We hope you enjoy the photos from this year's event.

Note: Photos by Peter Weertman and Jackie Jeffers. (Click on each photo to see a larger view.)



Setting Up On the Curve
Family Chat Happy Runner
Go Mindy! David