A Northwest Welcome
Filmgoers were treated to two special evenings recently in Seattle when the documentary, "Darius Goes West," was shown to raise money for Charley's Fund and DMD research. Six filmmakers from Georgia and Tennessee attended the events, introduced the film, and talked about it after the screenings.

Logan Smalley, the producer and director, along with Ben Smalley, Daniel Epting, Jason Hees, John Hadden, and Sam Johnson, arrived Monday from Minnesota where they attended yet another film festival, winning Best Documentary.

The day of the event, KOMO TV did a short news brief on the film and DMD. See the clip.

Each of the young filmmakers is interesting, fun, passionate about what the group has done, and each is committed to raising money for Charley's Fund and helping to find a cure or treatment for DMD. Aidan (and the rest of us) had a great time hosting them while they visited Seattle, as you can see from these photos.

Logan Playing the Saw Backyard Music Jam
Aidan & The Guys Monday Night Dinner
Buddies Breakfast Dialogue
Bathing Beauties? Ben
The Cooks - or Tasters?


 Daniel Almost In Lk. Washington John's 'Dive'
Logan - Wheeling & Dealing

Logan's Escape John's Escape Sam's Escape Aidan's Escape At the Pool
John & Daniel Swimming