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The generosity of so many people - friends, runners and their families, family, the Sammamish High School community, even strangers, continues to be wonderful. You've contributed individually, held fundraisers, and generally spread the word about DMD. We thank you all for your support.

DMD Research
Our most fervent hope is that the future will see a cure for DMD so the trust money can be used for other purposes.* If you would like to help effect a cure for DMD, Aidan's best long-term chance, we are suggesting that contributions be made to Charley's Fund.

Charley's Fund is working diligently to fund cutting-edge projects seeking DMD cures and treatments. Scientists are very hopeful that a cure, or at least a proactive treatment, can be found soon.

Aidan's Trust
Aidan's trust fund* is used to pay for the many medicines and supplements Aidan has to take daily, travel to doctor's visits and clinical trial screening, monitoring equipment, motorized scooter and bike, and other needs related to his DMD and quality of life.

If you wish to donate specifically to Aidan's trust, you can do so by writing a check: Payable to Aidan's Trust, and sending to the following address. (Please, no cash.)

Aidan's Trust
Deposit to Acct #31713250
c/o John W. Schneider, Trustee
135 159th Pl. S.E.
Bellevue, WA 98008

*Aidan's trust was set up to take care of financial expenses that would not be required for a child without special needs. Our research has shown that Duchenne kids need things like: medicines, supplements, therapy, care giving, specialist care, special equipment for mobility, breathing, education, or play, special schooling, house adaptations, specialized travel, etc. John and Judy Schneider, Aidan's maternal grandparents, are the trustees who will oversee the distribution of funds to meet the purpose of the trust. Note: the trust is a not a charitable organization as it is for the benefit of one person only.

If you'd like your donation amount and/or your names to be anonymous, please specify that when you send in the check. Thank you in advance if you contribute anonymously.


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DMD Organizations There are many DMD organizations that raise funds for research and to help families who are coping with the disease. Following are some links to these organizations. (Note that we've also included our region's Make A Wish site as it's such an amazing organization.)

Charley's Fund

Foundation to Eradicate Duchenne

Jett Foundation

NW Make A Wish


Zubin's Wish