DMD Updates

Aidan is now sixteen, in 11th grade, and despite the challenges associated with DMD, has been hanging on quite well and does not require a chair. He uses the elevator that the trust funds provided to go between floors in his house. At school, his original electric scooter gets him around school, but with his new, bigger Tzora scooter, he can now accompany his mom on runs. .

He's participating in various clinical trials intended to preserve or even improve function.

Aidan deals with the various limitations of DMD on a daily basis, and though they may be frustrating, he's not been focusing on them, rather trying to live his life as best he can while holding hope for future treatments.

But there's still much farther to go in the way of treatments, which is why we're all working really hard to raise money for DMD research.

Though DMD may be a big part of Aidan's life, he refuses to let it define him.

Current Research


 Aidan Reading
Aidan's Scooters
Aidan uses both scooters to help conserve muscle strength at school, when he's on family or field trips, on accessible trails, at NW Trek, or at places like Friday Harbor.
New Scooter Aidan, Scooter, & Two Cougs

The Tzora Scooter Lefflers at Friday Harbor

At NW Trek Make A Wish Trip