June 27th - Meydenbauer Film & Reception
Thanks to the Meydenbauer Center staff for their excellent food and service at the Wednesday evening reception and screening of "Darius Goes West".

A celebratory evening was capped off by Aidan taking the stage (un-be-knownst to his emcee mother) to introduce the filmmakers. His Uncle David put him onstage, at Sam's suggestion.

While Mindy was talking, Aidan was purposefully taking the second mic off the stand and putting it in his pocket. When the audience chuckled, Mindy realized he was there, and helped him introduce the crew.

He was finally lured off the stage with the promise of more lego building. At the end of the evening in the parking lot, he told his parents, "I really liked being on stage."

Meydenbauer Host Three Lefflers

John During the Film Aidan & Mitch

Waiting for the Event Post-Film Socializing

Aidan Socializing A Private Moment
Standing Ovation Meydenbauer Audience


Dueling Emcees
Introducing the Guys

David & the Lego Lure Buffet Setup Meydenbauer Hors d'Oeuvres Desserts