June 26th - Sammamish High School
Thanks to Sammamish High School and the Bellevue School District for their sponsorship of the Tuesday evening showing of "Darius Goes West" at SHS.

While filmgoers enjoyed the movie in the theater, Aidan and his friend, Liam, joined Phil, Alexander, and Grandma Judy in the foyer, playing swords, Ring Around the Rosy, and safari explorers.

Eric Twede at the SHS Event Playing with Liam at SHS
Buddies at SHS Event John, Logan, Jason at SHS
Wrestling with Jason & Sam at SHS Watching the Film
Take Your Marks... The Race
Selling Tickets at SHS Selling Tickets at SHS
SHS Audience SHS Audience

Waiting for the Screening Goofy Ticket Sellers

 In the Wings at SHS
Lefflers at SHS Event

Selling Tees at SHS Kit & Pat at SHS T-Vendors:  Ross, Meika, Pat SHS Q&A