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2007 Sammamish High School Walkathon
Students, faculty, and friends from SHS, the school where Mitch teaches, held a super-walkathon on Saturday, May 12th at the Sammamish track, to raise money for Aidan's trust fund. (And rumor has it that they raised over $17,000!)

What a wonderful celebration it was!

There was the walking! There was the food! There were the activities - including a car wash! But most of all, there was the camaraderie - among students, teachers, parents, friends, family!

But see for yourself!

Organic Treats Customized Shirts

Treats Bakesale

Barbecue Barbecue

Cinnamon Rolls & More Cakewalk

Fishing Raffle

Carwash Carwash

Pie Eating Eric - Afterwards

Thank You!
Thanks to all who attended and supported this great event. And a special thanks to Paul Sutton who was definitely looking glazed toward the end of the day!

 SHS Walkathon
Aidan with Mom & Uncle David Mitch (Mr. Leffler)

Aidan & Papa John in Tent Aidan with Erica Hill

Aidan Aidan on the Trampoline

Walking Friends

Snacks for Aidan Facepainting