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2008 Sammamish High School Walkathon


The 2007 Walkathon was a wonderful celebration of student involvement and community camaraderie. It was an event that seemed impossible to duplicate.

But this year, the SHS students, under the leadership of Sarah Reed and Sarah Dingman, not only matched last year's event, but expanded on it! (And this was in addition to two showings of "Darius Goes West," that they'd held prior to the Walkathon!)

There were the people. (Over 1500 people attended the event.)
  • There was the walking!

  • There was the food!

  • There was Jay Buhner baseball!
  • (He graciously volunteered his time to share his expertise, pose for pictures, and sign autographs.)
  • There were all kinds of activities including a hugely successful car wash!
Students raised almost $45,000 for a combination of DMD research through Charley's Fund and Aidan's trust. But once again, most of all there was the camaraderie - among students, teachers, parents, friends, family!

Here are pictures from the 2008 Walkathon.
Thanks to Benjamin Szymanski from Blanchet HS for taking these photos.

Our Photographer & Friend Jamba Juice Stand

Mitch & Fans Multicultural Club Booth

Arts & Crafts Near the Entrance

Concession Volunteers T-Shirts

Robotics Club Members Walking

Thank You!
Thanks to all who attended the Walkathon this year. As always, a special thanks to Paul Sutton and other SHS staff members and parents for their inspirational leadership and many hours devoted to the event.

(A grandmother's editorial note... If we could harness the energies, smarts, and savvy of these amazing SHS students and put them as leaders in Washington DC or Olympia, we'd get so much accomplished!)

Aidan & Liam Reptile Lady

Watch the You Tube video
that SHS students created to help publicize the event.

 SHS Walkathon
Sarah Reed with Aidan Jay Buhner

Liam and Jay Aidan and Liam

Power Hitter Aidan with Jay Buhner

Walkers Hip Hop Team

Pies in Faces Expert Help

Mindy & Aidan Mr. Gingrich's Challenge

Raising Money for Charley's Fund Aidan