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2009 Sammamish High School Walk for Aidan

An Incredible Day!

The 2007 Walkathon was a wonderful celebration of student involvement and community camaraderie. It was an event that seemed impossible to duplicate.

Once again, Sammamish High School students proved how capable, creative, and compassionate they are. This year's "Walk for Aidan" raised over $20,000 - an astounding accomplishment for
a one-day event in these economic times!
Read Paul Sutton's "after-the-event" letter to SHS.

Thank You All!

Watch the videos that SHS students created to publicize the Walk.

Peter Pham and Aidan Ali Khan

Students Peter Pham, Ali Khan, and their wonderful colleagues like Alix, Jillian, Emily, Nicole and Jenay, led the organization of the event, aided by SHS staff members Paul Sutton, Ian Duncan, Adrienne Curtis,
Jeff Bright, and Ken Kendrick.
  • Over 275 students helped man booths, run events and concessions, wash cars, and make the event run smoothly.

  • Card-Making Booth Concession Stand

  • Jay Buhner and his two wonderful kids, Chase and Brielle, proved for the second time why the Buhner family is so admired in the Northwest.

  • Chris Christensen and Jay Buhner Matty Batting with Jay

  • Kelly Jennings and Jamar Adams of the Seahawks were gracious and charming as they signed autographs and threw footballs for their fans.

  • Jamar Adams & Fans Kelly Jennings & Fans

  • The Eastside Dance team performed cheers for the benefit of an enthusiastic crowd.

  • Cheer Team Waiting to Perform Cheer Team Performing

  • Booths surrounded the athletic field, including henna painting, paper hat making, ball throw, cakewalk, interesting food, a fish pond, and a face-painting booth run by Tillicum Middle School students. (Mr. Leffler even brought his drums so Leffler Wannabees like Cat could practice.)

  • Entrance Tillicum Face Painting

    Fish Pond Sign Ball Throw

    Cakewalk 'Advertising' Henna Painting

    Paper Hat Making Cat on Mitch Leffler's Drums

  • Car Washers, including Tillicum Middle students supervised by Katherine Lamb (who is pregnant), braved the pavement, hot sun, and drizzly hoses as they helped raise money away from the activity (and food) center. Special kudos to them!

  • The self-described "Reptile Guy with One Eye" was here agin to the delight and trepidation of all. The kids were fascinated with the snakes, turtle, iquana and alligator!

  • Burmese Python' A Crowd 'Pleaser'

    A Fascinated Liam & Aidan The 'Snake

  • Ken Kendrick, Mike Bussing, and their helpers again turned out a delicious barbecue.

    Lefflers & Malletts Concession Students

    Aidan's Brother & Cousin Aidan with Gift Basket'


 Aidan & the Robot
Aidan by Bellevue FD Engine Aidan with Otter Pop

Aidan under Athletes' Table Aidan with Grandma Judy

Walkers More Walkers

Aidan Getting a Truck Lesson Aidan on Stage'

Aidan & Gift Basket More Walkers

Stylin' in a Walk T-Shirt Bubble Tea 'Earrings' In Style'

Striped Style Taylor's Style' Monica & Her Socks

SHS Barbecue Tillicum Face Painting

Jim, Mindy, Jay B. Aidan with the Two Sarahs

The Terasakis - Stalwart Leffler Supporters Aidan with his Friend Shannon

Jillian with Aidan's T-Shirt Amazing Food Including Bubble Tea'

Grabbing Some Shade Aidan Grabbing Shade